do u ever regret a meal decision

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right now?? ok

not rly a dragon but i just wok upe dun judge mi

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mmm but which of my fetishes could i push into reigisa

vore is a no

emeto… rei definitely would not like it unless it is some guilty pleasure

human/nonhuman stuff? penguisa and rei? nagisa fucking a butterfly


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please telll me you have more kaworu shinji stuffs

no but i drew this just for u


it is my tetraplegic chingy x vag kawhore au

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snerb that is not the proper way to make a lady squart

also, 16:19 - 17:52  (mainly as tubular as it sounds starting from 17:25) is how snorb sounds when as a monster :3c meanwhile as human he sounds like cherry

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put that thing back where it came from or so help me

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soft kinktalk brainstorm

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I am not drawing kaworu with a dick ever again

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@spamzillian said: Because it’s hot

that is a very valid reason

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